Labels In The Industry

Labels find a huge range of applications in each and every kind of industry around the world. From big heavy metal industries, to nuclear industries and even medium and small industries, labels are used everywhere and in all sizes. However, the material used for manufacturing of labels varies according to their intended application and the industry of use. Orders for labels could range from maybe a hundred to many.

Industrial labels in Sydney also use different materials for different printers. The material used for thermal transfer printer would be different from the laser printers. For pre-printed labels the material used would be absolutely different.

Thermal Transfer Printer: Label Materials

  • Value2 Thermal Mark Paper

Mainly used for inventory, packaging materials and shipping

  • Versa2 Thermal Mark Plastic

It is a very durable material and could be used for multiple purposes. They are generally used for metallic surfaces which are painted, drums and other textured surfaces. The material offers superb print qualityand it is also very strong.

  • Plastic of Freez R Mark

As the name suggests, this materials are used for labels which need to survive freezing conditions. So good is the material, that even if a surface has frost, the label would stick.

  • White Material Plastic

Works well with similar low temperature and textured surfaces. However, water submersion would not suit it.

  • White Industrial 640 Grade Polyester

This material is resistant to everything one can think of in an industrial setting. The life is of these labels last 2 years.

  • Chemical-Resistant 626 Polyester Labels

This material is majorly used for outdoor drums, labels in the laboratory and even in electronic board making. This material comes with a special adhesive meant for tough applications.

  • Semi-Gloss 322 Silver Based Polyester

This material is best if your products are susceptible to scratches and water submersion. This is scratch resistant. The adhesive is permanent, making it apt for equipment marking and other heavy industrial uses.

  • Polyester Retro-Reflective Labels

In large warehouses, where barcodes need to be scanned from huge distances, these retro-reflective materials are used for label making. It is highly durable and reflective.
Laser Printer Label Materials

  • White Color 2839 Polyester

Extremely tough, has good adhesive strength and is durable. It can withstand good amount of heat and is also unaffected by water.This material finds extensive industrial applications.

Anodized Aluminum Met-L-Mark Tags

If you need labels which would survive extreme weather conditions and chemical contact, damage from moisture and contact with solvents, then this material is perfect. The labels created from anodized aluminium can withstand temperatures of 1200°F. They are thick and come in pre-printed form. They can easily be used for a longer term. These labels could be pasted using pressure-sensitive adhesive or they could be mounted on the surface using rivets.

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